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Are You Looking For An Advanced Vehicle Management Solution That Will Reduce Costs, Improve Customer Service And Provide Increased Productivity of Your Fleet?

The Pinpoint Advanced Vehicle Management (AVM) solution is a powerful tool that provides real time GPS tracking, remote vehicle management and exception reports of your mobile assets. When combined with the Pinpoint Server you can extend your company scheduling or job system to your mobile workforce and automatically send and collect data from the field.

Benefits Of Using The Pinpoint Advanced Vehicle Management Solution:

  • Total visibility of your fleet, including 100% transparency of vehicle locations and turnaround times.
  • Real time visibility on vehicle and driver location for effective dispatching.
  • Reduction in fuel costs by route measurement and driver monitoring to ensure that they stick to designated routes.
  • Increased productivity and on-time deliveries. Identify start and stop times and location. Measure time stopped and manage your fleet productivity.
  • Improved security for freight and for the fast recovery of stolen or otherwise missing equipment.
  • Enhanced sense of security for drivers who know that the command post has up-to-date information on their location and status.
  • Customers kept better informed about accurate drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Overall operational improvement thanks to the detailed management information on route planning, resource levels, maintenance scheduling, vehicle misuse, etc.

The Pinpoint AVM solution is a comprehensive, cutting-edge vehicle management system that has been fully developed and manufactured in Australia. Our team of engineers are continually working on the evolution of the system as technology improves, providing added benefits and savings that we can pass onto our customers.

Check out our free demo to see how Pinpoint’s Advanced Vehicle Management Solution works.

For further information about how the Pinpoint Advanced Vehicle Management solution will reduce costs, improve customer service and provide increased productivity of your fleet, please contact us now or call 02 9804 1764.